Monday And Thursday Are For Megatrack

Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays are where we combine our junior and adult track. Both junior karts and duo karts are not available any time on Thursday All racers are required to be at least 56" tall, and will be driving our adult Storm Karts. After 5:00 PM, pro races are scheduled more frequently for our most experienced drivers!


Minimum Height 56"
Pro requires valid I.D.

Non-Licensed: $14.99

Pro Race: $19.99

Storm Duo
(18+) Driver Height 56"
Passenger Height 40"

Driver: $14.99

Passenger: $3.00

Minimum Height 48"

Price: $11.99

Race Stats

Top Proskill

Proskill is a live points-based ranking that we use to track our racers. Proskill compares your ranking to those around you and will award points based on position at end of race. You can both lose or win points depending on performance in the race.

Race Stats

Top Times

At FastTrax it is all about the time and not the position. Whether you finish in first or last, your time is what counts.

Race Stats

Live Races

View the live race times of the track.


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